Thursday, September 1, 2011

QE3 on its way - Best entry point for silver and gold

QE3 got delayed for the time being. At Jackson Hole,  Ben Bernanke assured the audience of zero interest rates for many years to come. He also talked about monitoring the fragile economy and mentioned further quantitative easing during fall, if deemed necessary.

This should be a nice break and accumulation period for precious metals, mainly silver and gold.

Historically both gold and silver have rallied during the cold season. As economy should but won`t get back in full swing, the obvious holes will make it easier for all the roaches to come out of the woodshed.

You have been warned! :)

Best plays should be AGQ and UGL, gold and silver ETFs with 2x more exposure. If you`re to profit anyways, why not do it in style?!

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